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"Karla Brandenburg writes an intelligent romance with a supernatural twist ...”

Heart for Rent

An author, a ghostwriter. A landlord, a tenant. When two caregivers meet, is the attraction they feel real? Or is it two people sharing grief?

Living Canvas

“. . .It is the perfect blend of romance and mystery . . . This is one I will read again and again, I would recommend it to everyone."

Touched by the Sun

“A romance novel that strives to expand the genre and offer the reader suspense, mystery, mystic wonder and, of course, true romance.”

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Coming in October - Rekindling

An angry young man returns to his home town, hoping to win back his first love. Instead he has to protect her from the danger that follows him.

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Mist on the Meadow

“It is a quick read, filled with just enough adventure and excitement to keep you turning the pages so you can find out what’s going to happen.”